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SAG Creation

Introduction: Strategic Alliance Group, Inc.

Strategic Alliance Group, Inc. a Twenty (20) Group company, has been created as a needs met demand of the Commercial Tire Industry. Having created the Retail 20 Group in 2007, the popularity continued to grow until it became necessary to develop a Twenty Group focused and formatted for the Commercial Tire Dealer. When considering the specialized needs of the Independent Tire Dealer and more specifically, the Commercial Tire Dealer, we have created a Group of Professional, Specialized Industry Consultants for Resources who will participate at the requests of the Groups or individual members.

We have two visions of forming a “Strategic Alliance,” first with our Professional Alliance Partners and then creating Alliances with the members themselves as a Group!

Definition: Strategic Alliance

A relationship between two or more parties pursuing a set of agreed upon goals in order to meet a critical business need while remaining an independent organization.

Advantages of Strategic Alliance:

  • Allowing each partner to concentrate on activities that best match their needs
  • Learning from partners and developing abilities that may be used in their operations
  • Adequate use of the resources and proficiencies for them to improve and succeed

Alliance Partners

Provide the Strategic Alliance Group members with resources such as knowledge, expertise or intellectual property. The alliance is a cooperation or collaboration which aims for a synergy where each partner benefits from the alliance greater than those from their individual efforts.

Commitment, Teamwork & Execution

Each Strategic Alliance Member makes a serious commitment to their Member peers to develop new, creative and innovative ideas to implement in their business which will professionalize their business operations, efficiencies and profits to be the “Elite of the Elite” in the 21st Century.


Basically, any independent Commercial or Retail Tire Dealer owner interested in networking with enthusiastic, progressive business owners who embrace the ideas of improving their operation through commitment and continued improvement is eligible. If you are a dedicated individual and can make a commitment to invest time and energy to truly helping yourself, your family, your employees, and fellow Group members, then you are definitely a candidate!


Having created the first successful Tire Dealer 20 Group in 2007, there was a growing interest in a Commercial segment of the Industry. In 2011, the Strategic Alliance Group, Inc. was formed by its current President Stu Zurcher catering to the demands and needs of the Commercial Independent Tire Dealer for improving the current business climate in the Commercial side of the Tire Industry.

Currently Strategic Alliance Group facilitates several Retail Groups, Commercial and Retread Manufacturers Group.


Founder Stu Zurcher and other professional Tire Industry trainers and educators with extensive experience; serve as Facilitators for the Strategic Alliance Group, 20 Groups. Regardless of who is facilitating a Group, their express goal is to coach you along with a wide selection of problem-solving approaches. Facilitators not only help with the direction of the meetings, but also provide training on a specific topic with quality support presented exclusively for Strategic Alliance Group members.

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About Us

Set course for your future growth as an independent tire dealer. Become a member of Strategic Alliance Group today, and join an exclusive group of 20 tire dealers in your industry. Share best practices and compare financial trends to improve your profit. Meetings take place 3 times per year and give you the opportunity to (1) network with other independent tire dealers who embrace new ideas and are as proactive as you in keeping business profitable, (2) discover cost-effective practices from comparable dealers that you can apply to your own business, and (3) improve your processes and enjoy great returns for your time investment. Groups are forming as you read. If you're an independent tire dealer interested in learning with other enthusiastic, progressive business owners, sign up now.

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Phone: (877) 875-1695
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Address: PO Box 501392
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Contact Us

Phone: (877) 875-1695
Address: PO Box 501392
Indianapolis, IN 46250

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