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Who We Are

SAG Creation by Strategic Alliance Group

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Strategic Alliance Group is to supply its members resources for enhanced education, stimulate financial growth, maximize efficiencies, and share Best Practices through professional peer to peer collaboration.

Vision Statement

Provide Alliances for the Tire Industry through Partnerships of its Group Members and Professional “Alliance Partner Group” Support Team.

Our Core Company Values

  • Build Trust: Strong, healthy and respectful relationships
  • Achieve Excellence: Expectations anticipated and met or exceeded
  • Stimulate Financial Success: Strong return on invested time, money, effort and other resources
  • Harmonious Teamwork: Ambitious goals achieved as a team that we couldn't accomplish as individuals

Our Belief

Committed, engaged participating members will reward returns that far exceed their perceptions and expectations.

Our motto is that it doesn’t cost a successful participating member to belong to a “Twenty (20) Group."

“Twenty (20) Group” Tire Industry Solutions that work for your business

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History of 20 Groups

Strategic Alliance Group, Inc. organizes businesses into functional 20 Groups and facilitates the group meetings to insure the ongoing benefits for the participating dealers.

The 20-Group concept was conceived in 1947 by a group of automobile dealers who were trying to adjust to the changing environment of the retail automobile industry. They met informally to discuss changes in product availability, attracting customers, financing their growing businesses and the best ways to operate their businesses.

As time progressed, the skills of setting up meetings and organizing the parameters of these groups developed to a structured system.

Hence the name "20-Group" became the buzz word to describe them. The groups were limited in size to be sure that all attending members participated in all phases of the meeting and that each dealer's problems and accomplishments were reviewed by the group.

Dealers within each group shared financial data on a regular basis, thus it was necessary to restrict each groups participants to non-competing dealers. Through comparative analysis, dealers in a group are able to benchmark their performance in all departments against the results obtained by other similar dealers.

Dealers that participated in 20-Group programs generally had better financial results than those that did not participate.

The ever changing relationships with product suppliers, governmental regulations, personnel, technology and consumers tax a decision maker's ability to stay current on all of the information necessary to make wise decisions. As a business grows larger and the rate of cultural change accelerates, it becomes necessary to extract knowledge and professional expertise from sources beyond your immediate experience.

By forming alliances with peer dealers who do not compete with your business, you enlist the expertise of someone who understands your business and does not have a hidden agenda to influence your decisions for a reason.

News of the success of the 20-Group concept spread to other industries and now most industries have organized 20 Groups that focus on improving the operating efficiencies of the businesses within their industry. Very little if any of the 20 Group concept has ever surfaced in the Tire Industry. Until now.

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About Us

Set course for your future growth as an independent tire dealer. Become a member of Strategic Alliance Group today, and join an exclusive group of 20 tire dealers in your industry. Share best practices and compare financial trends to improve your profit. Meetings take place 3 times per year and give you the opportunity to (1) network with other independent tire dealers who embrace new ideas and are as proactive as you in keeping business profitable, (2) discover cost-effective practices from comparable dealers that you can apply to your own business, and (3) improve your processes and enjoy great returns for your time investment. Groups are forming as you read. If you're an independent tire dealer interested in learning with other enthusiastic, progressive business owners, sign up now.

Contact Us

Phone: (877) 875-1695
Fax: (866) 606-1436
Address: PO Box 501392
Indianapolis, IN 46250

Contact Us

Phone: (877) 875-1695
Address: PO Box 501392
Indianapolis, IN 46250

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