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Membership Overview

The benefits of Membership in the Strategic Alliance Group are many. Tire Dealers have a variety of reasons for wanting to improve their businesses and through the Twenty Group Concept's process, it will help you achieve and excel in what you want out of your business.

  • Many members want to improve their profitability!
  • Others are in the process of training their successor or family members to acquire the business in the future.
  • Most dealers are looking to obtain control of business to gain more time for the "Important Things in Life."

Belonging to a Twenty (20) Group will give you the resources to do all of these more efficiently. Dealers in numerous Industries have used Twenty (20) Groups over the past 60+ years to build their businesses and make the necessary changes to improve their quality of life! By belonging to a Twenty (20) Group, you will meet to exchange ideas, identify and share "Best Practices," discover opportunities, and face challenges in your operation today and in the "Future!"

  • Plan a Strategic Course to Profitability
  • Freedom to Share
  • Financial Composite
  • Training & Education
  • Shared Confidential Information
  • State of the Art Collaboration
  • Commitment to Improve

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About Us

Set course for your future growth as an independent tire dealer. Become a member of Strategic Alliance Group today, and join an exclusive group of 20 tire dealers in your industry. Share best practices and compare financial trends to improve your profit. Meetings take place 3 times per year and give you the opportunity to (1) network with other independent tire dealers who embrace new ideas and are as proactive as you in keeping business profitable, (2) discover cost-effective practices from comparable dealers that you can apply to your own business, and (3) improve your processes and enjoy great returns for your time investment. Groups are forming as you read. If you're an independent tire dealer interested in learning with other enthusiastic, progressive business owners, sign up now.

Contact Us

Phone: (877) 875-1695
Fax: (866) 606-1436
Address: PO Box 501392
Indianapolis, IN 46250

Contact Us

Phone: (877) 875-1695
Address: PO Box 501392
Indianapolis, IN 46250

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