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Member Benefits

Member Benefits

The benefits of the Strategic Alliance Groups are many. Tire Dealers have a variety of reasons for wanting to improve their businesses and through the Twenty Group Concept’s process, it will help you achieve and excel in what you want out of your business.

  • Many members want to improve their profitability. Others are in the process to train their successor or family member to acquire the business in the future. Others are looking to obtain control of their business to gain more free time.
  • A Twenty Group will help you do all these more efficiently and more. Dealers have used Twenty Groups to build their businesses for more than 60 years. On a regular basis, your Twenty Group will meet to exchange ideas, identify best practices and discover opportunities and challenges facing your operation today and in the future.

Strategic Course to Profitability*

We will examine your individual goals and current position to help steer you to what you want to accomplish with your business and your life. Your fellow Group members work with you as “Alliance Partners” to give you insights to properly navigate your business through good times and bad. There is nothing more powerful than a well-directed and dedicated team of minds that can help you focus on what is important for you and your business.

Freedom to Share*

Because of the unique structure of the Twenty Group Concept, all information you share stays within the Group. This allows you to feel comfortable about sharing all that you need, for your peers and the facilitator to best help your business. A new member will sometimes feel uncomfortable to open up about their businesses, but when they find that everyone in the Group is there to support and foster their business, members quickly react and reveal all about their business and realize how helpful the process can be. The trust and respect that builds within the Group becomes a Fraternity of Friends.

Financial Comparison*

Each member of a Twenty Group receives a monthly financial analysis comparing their operating results with the other members in the group. This valuable information provides the foundation for measuring your dealership and increasing profits. The composite provides industry resources for operating and comparing each area of your financial performance.

Training & Education*

Meetings are structured to train and educate the members through specific controlled segments of the meeting. Each meeting, time is set aside to explore different needs members wish to have discussed during the agenda. Many times ideas are created at the meetings that will lead to further development with your peers and facilitator in between meetings.

Shared Confidential Information*

We provide the ultimate source of sharing information, allowing Group Members to continue sharing information and dialog any time, any day thru the state of the art, Microsoft SharePoint. There will be more resources available at your fingertips, than if you spend hours out of your day searching for answers! We will provide downloadable items to help run your business better thru the collaboration vehicle we provide our members. In addition to the meetings there is a great deal of information that is shared at the Group dinners as well. This unstructured time can be a great source of additional networking for our members.


When someone joins a “Twenty Group”, they have made a commitment to themselves and their business to change and improve and the Strategic Alliance Group, Inc. can help. They are all in the same business and why reinvent the wheel when it has already been done. It’s time you get beyond the want and move to improvement. Send in your application today and start your journey down a shorter path to success! It is a proven fact, that when someone joins and actively participates in a Twenty Group, they will improve their business! A Twenty Group is the most cost effective method of dealer education and professional development that is available to the Tire Industry.

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About Us

Set course for your future growth as an independent tire dealer. Become a member of Strategic Alliance Group today, and join an exclusive group of 20 tire dealers in your industry. Share best practices and compare financial trends to improve your profit. Meetings take place 3 times per year and give you the opportunity to (1) network with other independent tire dealers who embrace new ideas and are as proactive as you in keeping business profitable, (2) discover cost-effective practices from comparable dealers that you can apply to your own business, and (3) improve your processes and enjoy great returns for your time investment. Groups are forming as you read. If you're an independent tire dealer interested in learning with other enthusiastic, progressive business owners, sign up now.

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Phone: (877) 875-1695
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Address: PO Box 501392
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Contact Us

Phone: (877) 875-1695
Address: PO Box 501392
Indianapolis, IN 46250

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