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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a SAG Twenty Group?

Our Twenty Group profile is comprised of owners or active managers from non-competing, reputable businesses who are willing to discuss each other’s total operation in detail. Twenty Group meetings provide you the opportunity to collaborate with your peers away from your business, allowing you to analyze and compare your operation to identify new ways of maximizing profits and staying ahead of the competition.

Why should I join?

Another way to answer this question is with another question: who do you go to in your day to day business to get ideas? To be successful, you must surround yourself with other successful people in your business. Here are just a few benefits that a Twenty Group provides you:

  • Every month, you get an overview of your financial data and operational information. You will receive customized financial composites and other analytical tools to compare your operation with group and industry specific financial metrics. The composite allows you to compare every facet of your operation with some of the top business operations in the country.
  • Each meeting, open discussions of best practices provide new ideas you can implement at your own business.
  • Each meeting, the host’s business is visited and critiqued as a viewable training exercise for the group; in other words, you'll learn from 19 of your professional peers who will be recommending ideas for improvement.
  • All that is required of a prospective member is a commitment to themselves and the Group; there is “No Contract” to sign.

How often and how long are the meetings?

Our meeting profile is 2½ days in length which equals 20 hours of focused discussions of what everyone is there to accomplish. There are 3 meetings held in a 12 month period, and meetings are scheduled by the member and SAG two (2) years in advance.

Can a prospective member visit a meeting?

Yes. Those who are interested in how the Twenty Group concept operates may visit a meeting as a guest of SAG with only travel and lodging costs and at no obligation. Members can also recommend other store owners who express interest to SAG.

Where will the meetings be held?

The most successful part of the Twenty Group in many industries is that locations are selected by the group’s members. Each member is obligated to host a meeting in his or her member city to be able to conduct an on-site review and critique of the hosting company’s operation. This process has proven to be as valuable to the visitors as to the host.

What is discussed in the meetings?

The agenda is created based on what topics the Group members want ideas, answers, or opinions on that are most relevant and important. The Group Facilitator will create the Executive Session of the meeting agenda and use input in the many other services SAG provides.

Who runs the meetings?

SAG’s professional facilitators — industry veterans with real-world, in-depth experience — facilitate the meetings. Selected members of the group will from time to time aid in different capacities to accommodate special meeting needs.

How much does it cost?

Registration and set up vary by type of group, starting at $799 and monthly fees starting at $299. This covers monthly financial tools, the meeting preparation cost and a continuous connection with a network of peers for resources, opinions, and answers. The member will be responsible for their travel expenses and an allocation of the cost required covering group meals, meeting room, and guest speaker expenses.

How do I keep in touch with members and my moderator between meetings?

SAG provides “State of the Art” communication and collaboration for all members. You will be able to chat, share files, photos and links, and use the micro-blog with fellow group members through our secure communication, Microsoft SharePoint platform. SAG also provides each group a secure and confidential list. This convenient, easy-to-use e-mail list forum allows group members to collaborate and exchange ideas year-round.

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Set course for your future growth as an independent tire dealer. Become a member of Strategic Alliance Group today, and join an exclusive group of 20 tire dealers in your industry. Share best practices and compare financial trends to improve your profit. Meetings take place 3 times per year and give you the opportunity to (1) network with other independent tire dealers who embrace new ideas and are as proactive as you in keeping business profitable, (2) discover cost-effective practices from comparable dealers that you can apply to your own business, and (3) improve your processes and enjoy great returns for your time investment. Groups are forming as you read. If you're an independent tire dealer interested in learning with other enthusiastic, progressive business owners, sign up now.

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Phone: (877) 875-1695
Address: PO Box 501392
Indianapolis, IN 46250

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